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The poets will read their poems and discuss them with the audience. Discussion will center on the connection between poetry and its creators, on the world that poetry presents and on poetry’s relevance for everyday life

With the participation of Haviva Pedaya,Sami Shalom-Sheetrit and Erez Biton

Wed / June 5 / 9:00 P.M. / Pub near City Hall Square, Sderot


For the first time, the Cinema South Film Festival has organized a complex program devoted to fringe art. We’ll present a rich variety of artistic expression and make a unique connection between cinematic and other forms of art. In this way, the Cinema South Film Festival seeks to expand the boundaries of the arena in which it usually operates. The idea emerged from encounters with artists who ask themselves about the boundaries of their art as they move between various media: the screen of the cinema and the stage of the theater; the documentary film versus the movement of dancers; singing and its merging with live performances. The connection point between one medium and another enables a free movement through space and time.



A one-time performance that blends music, dance and cinema. Dan Cohen’s jazz trio plays original pieces from its “Troubadour” CD., music that combines jazz, Latin American and Middle Eastern music. The musical pieces were the inspiration for seven films by students in the video dance workshop of Sapir College School of Audio and Visual Arts. The films will be screened during the performance and will serve as an additional source of inspiration for improvisations by the trio.

Moderator: Miki Cohen

Mon / June 3 / 8:00 P.M. / City Hall Square


The Matador and Me (2013) After War Matador (2011) and Matador of Love (2006) Within a single soul, in a closed circuit, two forces are in a battle to overcome one another – a man and a woman are in a dance movement centered on the survival of passion and death. A film and an improvisational appearance by two young actors. The characters are locked in a corrida (bullfight) of drunken passions, in a vicious circle from which they cannot escape. The arena of the soul is a battle between the matador and the bull, neither of whom can rest for even a moment.

A conversation with Macabit Abramson will take place after the performance Director of the combined performance: Macabit Abramson / Cast: Lihi Abramson, Ran Cohen, Uri Paniri / Production and lighting: Or Levi Matador of Love / Readings: Alon Aboutboul / Dance: Anat Shamgar / Direction of dancing performance: Macabit Abramson and Avner Faingulernt / Editor: Lev Goltser / Soundtrack design: Yuri Primenko

Mon / June 3 / 4:30 P.M. / Tzahalulim Auditorium


A single-actor performance on stage and screen that tells the story of a filmmaker’s quest for identity and meaning following the death of his father. This is a journey to the Diaspora, to the ghosts in the filmmaker’s past.

A conversation with Avner Faingulernt will take place after the performance / Written, photographed and acted by: Avner Faingulernt / Director and drama instructor: Rina Baruch / Producer: Oshri Hayun Editor of picture and soundtrack: Lev Goltser / Artistic instruction and guidance: Shlomi Elkabetz / Created with the support of the Negev Theater, Sapir College and the Center Stage Festival, in collaboration with the Israel Festival

Tue / June 4 / 6:30 P.M. / TZAHALULIM AUDITORIUM

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