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 Independent Feature Film Competition

This year, the Cinema South Film Festival is recognizing an exciting trend in Israeli cinema: full-length low budget feature films. More and more filmmakers are engaging, and consequently able to enjoy an immense measure of artistic freedom to produce films free of limitations. We believe that this trend will have a powerful impact on – indeed, even significantly change – mainstream Israeli cinema. For that reason, we are providing a special showcase for independent feature films. This competitive framework is characterized by filmmaking that displays the personal and unique perspective of its creators and their particular worlds. Independent filmmaking can be both wild and audacious, or it can be restrained and introspective. In all cases, however, it provides an important challenging alternative to commercial filmmaking in Israel.

This year, the Cinema South Film Festival has selected four intriguing films, all of which are very different in terms of essence and in the manner in which the language of cinema is used. Each of the films sheds light on a different aspect of Israeli life. However, they have a common denominator: a startingly precision of individual life. Perhaps for that reason, they are able to touch a more comprehensive reality as well.

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