Benjamín Naishtat

Niashtat, born 1986 in Buenos Aires, studied film at the Buenos Aires University and completed his education at the prestigious Le Fresnoy in France. Following his studies, Niashtat began directing short films. His film The Game (20 min, 2010) took part in the Cannes Film Festival`s short film corner (the Cinefondation) and marked Niashtat as a promising director. Another short film written and directed by Niashtat, History… Read more

Vimukthi Jayasundara

Born in Sri Lanka in 1977. Studied at the prestigious French school of contemporary art – Le Fresnoy. His first feature film “Abandoned Land” won the Golden Camera Award at the 2005 Cannes Festival. His second film “Between Two Worlds” was in the official competition of the 2009 Venice Festival. His third film “Mushrooms” was screened at the premiere of Directors’ Fortnight at the 2011… Read more

Midi Z

Midi Z (Chao Te-Yin) was born in 1982 in Burma and studied cinema in Taiwan. After directing a number of short films, for which he was declared one of the leading directors by the Taipei Film Academy, he directed “Return to Burma” in 2011, his first feature film, which was nominated for the Golden Tiger Award at the Rotterdam Festival. His film “Ice Poison” (2014)… Read more

Celina Murga

Celina Murga - director, scriptwriter and producer - was born in 1973 in Paraná, Argentina. At the age of 17 she moved to Buenos Aires, subsequently studied at Universidad del Cine in a special practical track for independent cinema creators, and graduated in 1996. After several years of creating short films, Murga made her first long feature film “Ana and the Others” (2003). The film… Read more
Cinema South 2016 continues to break through the geographic borders of the festival and spread out to the cities surrounding Sderot. The finest films screened at the festival will also be shown in Rahat, Ofakim and Netivot. The idea for the Breaking Borders cinema was inspired by the desire to bring the edges closer and find a way to connect those who are currently distant.… Read more
This is the fifteenth year the Cinema South Festival will present graduate films created in the five departments of the Sapir College, School of Audio and Visual Arts: film, television, animation, music and sound, and screenwriting. As always, these films are fascinating and intriguing audio-visual texts that flourished in the south on the Gaza-Sderot border. The competition is a window of opportunity for the novel… Read more

Documentary Program

The South Festival`s Documentary Treasures Program 2016 is continuing its unique and uncompromising line of documentary filmmakers, who contribute an alternative and significant voice to the Israeli creative landscape. Our ambition is to give a platform to films which touch, both in content and aesthetics, on social- political-cultural moments in a novel, original and surprising manner. The filmmakers in this program, each in their own… Read more

The New Israeli Cinema

Premiers – New Israeli Cinema This year the Israeli cinema fountain of creation continues to abounds with unforgettable cinematic moments. The film creators embody the peak of Israeli creation born of the wounds of the reality that shake the country, while they also touch universal human truths. The first line of Israeli cinematic creation combines more experienced directors continuing their path, alongside young creators who are… Read more
Raphael Nadjari is an Israeli-French filmmaker, director and screenwriter, born 1971 in Marseille, France. Nadjari is an intriguing and challenging filmmaker, with a voice and technique unique in contemporary Israeli, as well as international, cinema. Nadjari sees the ethics of Jewish identity as an enigma; he raises questions about it, even though the answers or solutions he offers are not always easy ones. For this… Read more