Anastasia is trapped in an abusive relationship with Noam – a talented pianist haunted by his past. At the steps of the Rape Crisis center, Anastasia meets the pop-star Libby. Their encounter helps her to break free from the constraints of Noam, but also results in her adopting aggressive patterns of her own.


Producer: Lee Cohen & Batel Yonit Maman | Production Company: Sapir College | Script: Yogev Segal | Cast: Yahav Winner - Noam, Rebecca Esmeralda Telhami - Anastasia, Tommy Baremboem - Libby | Camera: Raz BDV | Editing: Yogev Segal | Sound Design: Shahaf Wagshall | Music: Savannah Zwi-Navon & Nami Melumad | Tutors: Liore Katziri - Editing mentor, Nizar Hassan - Directing mentor | Additional Crew: Adi Shaya - Assistant Director, Rotem Carmon - Sound, Lucas Aimo & Ben Reizer - Lightning | Art: Michelle Molad-Or