Ran, a seventeen year old teenager lies to his parents and leaves home for pointless wandering. He is thrown within he’s childhood realm, witnessing his world undermined by a secret about his father’s identity – A lie which will be exposed to him once he comes back home.


Producer: Gili Noy | Production Company: Sapir College | Script: Uri Schachter | Cast: Ben Weisman - Ran, Ouriah Horesh - Eden, Linoy Albokher- Anat, Yoram Ron - Yudah,
Oranit Shirazi - Leah, Orina Cohen - Sari, Eran Yehezkel - Avi.
| Camera: Demian Tzatzkin | Editing: Adam Weingrod | Sound Design: Rotem Karmon | Music: Ben Weisman, Rotem Carmon, Uri Schachter. | Tutors: Shlomi Elkabetz, Galit Kahlon, Liora Katziri. | Art: Shahar Malhi