“Shira Al Habar” (Song on the Bar) – musicians Kobi Oz and Alon Oliarchik meet poets Roy Hasson and Alex Rif around the issues of immigration and absorption in Israel through their experiences and art. The encounter combines music, poetry and discussion, in the “Month of Reading” framework of the Ministry of Culture.

Although common to most Israelis, the experience of immigration to Israel is rarely rendered expression in our culture and discourse. Immigrating to Israel, in addition to new opportunities, also raises difficulties stemming from a new world and culture for first and second generations of immigrants. The participants, musicians and poets, who either came to Israel themselves or are second generation here, will present their experiences and portions of their works affected by these experiences.

Participants: Kobi Oz – son of Tunisian immigrants, grew up in Sderot; Alon Oliarchik – son of immigrants from Poland, came to Israel at the age of 6 and grew up in Netanya and Bat Yam; Roy Hasson – poet and member of the Arspoetica group, born and grew up in Hadera; Alex Rif – poet and member of the Dor 1.5 group, came from Ukraine at the age of 5, grew up in Netanya.

Hebrew literature festivities in the “Month of Reading”:

The “Hebrew Book Week” is a long-time beloved tradition that began in 1926. Six years ago, the Ministry of Culture and Sports initiated the “Month of Reading” – an entire month accompanying the “Hebrew Book Week”, full of events and activities open to the public free of charge, at libraries and at unexpected venues such as markets, bars and even synagogues. During the month of June, dozens of joyful and thought-provoking events will take place around the written word in various forms, leading the participants to various worlds of content reflecting the Israeli experience.