During the “Beyond Boundaries” events at the Cinema South Film Festival, special events will be held at additional towns and venues, including a special screening of Panter Lavan directed by Dani Reisfeld, at the Municipal Youth Unit in Ofakim. After the screening there will be a workshop and discussion with the director and with actor Zeev Revah.

The film Panter Lavan tells the story of Alex Manshayev, a boxer of Russian origin, who joins a group of nationalist Russians in reaction to the alienation of Israeli society’s towards them, rejecting him and his family. A highly significant encounter with David Ohana, a Tiberias boxing coach of oriental-traditional background, leads Alex to become a professional and promising boxer in the club. Alex is drawn into an affair with Yasmin, David’s daughter, and for the first time in his life feels a sense of belonging to Israeli society. Alex is torn between his loyalty to the Russian gang headed by his brother Yevgeni, and his identification with the values of David, his new guru.

Panter Lavan delves into the painful dilemmas of Israeli society and asks who is an Israeli, and can we all live together in one society in spite of the gaps, rage and tensions characteristic of Israeli reality.

The event is a joint endeavor of Cinema South, Netu’im-Ofakim – a leadership student group – together with the Mimizrach Shemesh Organization, the Ness community, and the Municipal Youth Unit in Ofakim.


Wednesday // 8.6 // Municipal Youth Unit in Ofakim