Born in Sri Lanka in 1977. Studied at the prestigious French school of contemporary art – Le Fresnoy. His first feature film “Abandoned Land” won the Golden Camera Award at the 2005 Cannes Festival. His second film “Between Two Worlds” was in the official competition of the 2009 Venice Festival. His third film “Mushrooms” was screened at the premiere of Directors’ Fortnight at the 2011 Cannes Festival. His latest film “Dark in the White Light” was screened at the premiere of the 2015 Locarno Festival. Jayasundara lives in both Paris and Colombo, capital of Sri Lanka.

His work speaks from the borders: those that separate a country from another, modern cities from ancestral land, and the threshold between the living and the dead. And from there, it erases the borders between fiction and documentary, between cinema and visual arts, expanding the very limits of filmmaking, generating hypnotic visions, pictures of great plastic beauty, and situations that go from the surreal to the humoristic.