Award-winning cinema creator, scriptwriter, director and audio-visual media artist, Karim Aïnouz was born in 1966 in Fortaleza, north Brazil, to a Brazilian mother and an Algerian father. He studied architecture at the University of Brazilia, and cinema at NYU. Aïnouz moves between Brazil and Germany, nowadays living in Berlin, in the immigrants’ quarter on the former boundary between East and West Berlin.

The world he came from provides the central viewpoint for his cinema, with its recurring components of sensuality, sexuality, loss of way and search for a new one. He deals with pain, relations at an impasse, trance and compassion. His cinema is highly influenced by great creators who dealt with cinematic melodrama, such as Douglas Sirk, Almadovar and Fassbinder. Karim Aïnouz’ cinema is emotional even when it deals with alienated urban reality and relations where each remains alone for the continuation of the journey into the unknown.

Among his prominent films are: Futuro Beach (Praia Du Futura), first screened at the official competition of the 64th Berlin Festival; Silver Cliff, a woman’s journey following the husband who had abandoned her, becoming a journey of personal individuation; his experimental feature film based on a personal journey documentary to north Brazil, I travel because I have to, I come back because I love you; and his first full-length feature Madame Satã, screened at “Un Certain Regard” at the Cannes Festival, and describing ecstatic life of violence and crime that become a controversial and colorful work of art, somewhat predicting the way of Aïnouz himself.

His experimental work Sunny Alley (Sonneallee) connects with his other experimental works, which deal with the connection between urban space and time and the people living there. This also relates to his work in Sao Paolo in his film Sunday, and in his ambitious project, together with other famous creators such as Wim Wenders, Cathedrals of Culture, with its section on Centre Pompidou and modern art.

This is the first visit of Karim Aïnouz to Israel and he will be presenting here his unique and complex work.

Domingo, 2014_Karim Ai_טnouz_Acervo Videobrasil (8)

Domingo (Sunday)

Employing an artistic, poetic register, the short film Domingo, directed by Brazilian filmmaker Karim Aïnouz, reflects on the potential connections between the works of Danish visual artist Olafur...


Futuro Beach

Two motorcyclists charge into the fabulous dunes of Futuro Beach at Fortaleza, then jump nude and excited into the blue water. One of them drowns, and the lifeguard Donato takes responsibility for...


Love for Sale

Hermelia was brought up in a small town in the Brazilian North East. She is convinced that the father of her baby loves her as much as she loves him and is waiting with great anticipation that turns...

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Madame Satã

The film tells the story of João Francisco dos Santos, a young black man, violent and strong, who lived ecstatically and intensively as a transvestite, a genuine and charismatic character. He lived...

seams karim


Aïnouz’ first independent film, shot in black and white, 16 mm., in which he interviews five women, his grandmother and her four sisters, who live in north Brazil. They speak about sexuality,...

the-silver-cliff karim ainouz

The Silver Cliff

Violeta is a young woman, a dentist, married and the mother of a boy. One day she receives a message from Djalma, her spouse, that he has left her and gone to Porto Alegre, and that she’d best not...