Ali Khamraev was born in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, in 1937. He graduated from film studies at VGIK, the Moscow cinema school, in 1961, and began working at Uzbekfilm. He directed over 30 feature films and over 20 documentaries. In the 1960s and 70s he directed films that won great acclaim, among them: White Storks, Red Sands, The Bodyguard and The Seventh Bullet.

In the 1980s, his cinema became more politically oriented, including autobiographical elements and awe-inspiring visual imagery of great strength and imagination, such as: Triptych and I Remember You. In the 1990s, Khamraev moved from Russia to Italy, where he created his last film Bo Ba Bu. In 2004, he returned to Russia and worked at television series. Viewers of the West are now becoming aware of his rich cinematic work, and for the Israeli viewers this is the first chance to experience the oeuvre of one of the great story-tellers of world cinema.

Kenneth Jones, the film critic of Film Comment, has described Khamraev as among the greatest cinema creators in the world, alongside Wells, Goddard and Scorsese, depicting his work as cinematic masterpieces combining enormous energy and profound insights that burst onto the screen as a fabulous display of fireworks.

We are proud to introduce the cinema of Khamraev to Israeli audiences for the first time.


Bo Ba Bu

A beautiful woman appears from nowhere onto the endless desert plain of Central Asia. She is found by two men, whose speaking ability is limited to shouting and barking, with no affinity to any known...

i remeber u ali khamarev

I Remember You

This film is compared more than others to Fellini’s famous film “Amarcord” (Memories), both for the fantastic images he creates in the film and for the memories he describes of a boy who is...


The Bodyguard

In the 1920s, during the insurrection of the Basmachi (a group of tradition-bound Muslims that opposed the Soviet regime in Uzbekistan), a Soviet officer decides to transfer Mazar, a Sultan and...

Thriptikh-l (2)


This is cinema that connects sentimental melodrama and political platform in an inspiring and challenging way. The film tells about the difficult days after the Second World War. At its center are...

white white2

White Storks

Khamraev’s first film, which gained international acclaim, tells about the love of Malika, a married childless woman, and a mysterious foreign worker from Kazakhstan who came to work and live, for...