Rationale behind the
independent feature film competition

The Cinema South Film Festival has recognized a new and fascinating trend in Israeli cinema: More and more Israeli filmmakers are producing full-length feature films with a minimal production budget. This trend is facilitating creative filmmaking that is free of external limitations. We believe that the trend could have a powerful impact on the Israeli film industry. For that reason, the festival’s organizers have created this year as well a special niche for independent feature films. The competition will showcase films displaying the unique, personal perspective of their directors toward their world. While the films can sometimes be wild and audacious, they can also be quiet and reflective; their cumulative effect is to shake up and challenge commercial filmmaking in Israel.

In this year’s competition, the festival is screening four fascinating films that are vastly different in terms of essence and in terms of the manner in which the language of cinema is utilized. Each film sheds light on a different aspect of the Israeli reality. All four of the films describe in precise detail a private existential situation and perhaps that is why they are able to touch on a more general reality.