Something quite extraordinary has taken place this year in Israeli cinema. After years of anxious anticipation, when one could detect brief flashes of rebellion and change, Israeli cinema has exploded this year with a critical mass of new vibrant and diverse energies. A group of young, courageous filmmakers have brought to the screen new and different perspectives that place those who are different, exceptional, marginal and rejected at the center of the screen. In doing so, these filmmakers have positioned a mirror before Israeli society and are forcing it to look deep inside itself and to come face to face with its ills. Nonetheless, their films display a humanity and a love for all human beings, irrespective of their nature – a humanity and love for humanity that express a profound and sincere belief in life against all odds. Their sensitive probing into the lives of their chief protagonists does not impose the filmmakers’ perspective on them and does not judge them; instead, the filmmakers give their protagonists sufficient room and sufficient breathing space. Using a delicate, precise manner of cinematography and patient, lingering editing, these filmmakers fill the screen with a love that bursts into the world they are presenting to the audience. Their films offer us diverse, complex perspectives on Israeli society, creating a fascinating kaleidoscope of a society facing the challenges of crisis and change. The New Israeli Cinema forces its audience to think and helps us all to better understand the reality surrounding us and to better understand ourselves as part of that reality. That is why we have chosen to place these films at center stage.