Cinema South Festival
Introduction to Graduate Program

From its beginning, the Graduate Films Program at Sapir College has been a central feature of Cinema South Festival and its reason d’etre. In our view the Student Film Competition is the backbone of the festival and our students’ first step out of the sheltered environment of our college into the real world of filmmaking.
The grauduate films, whose quality and professionalism improve from year to year express of the tremendous energy and dynamic creative power at Sapir College. The Films expose a broad and rich range of experiences, voices and worlds that express the lives of our students, society and the complexity of our lives and spirit of our time. Like the themes, the forms and genres are extremely varied: animation, documentary, short feature films and television pilots. Our consistant encouragment of cooperation between our various creative tracks is apparent in some of the graduate films which are clearly the product of such collaborations. Graduates of the sound track program write music and design sound tracks for films, television and animation, students in the script and production tracks work together and sometimes there are collaborations among animation, film and television students.
Despite the richness and unique variety of each creator there is common ground that expresses the spirit of the department: the films are human, personal, observant and searching. The students connect to themselves, to their personal truths, to their personalities and worlds. They are part of a family, a community and the wider circle of Israeli society and their films are a reflection of their afflictions and hopes. These are expressed in their work through the use of a personal cinematic perspective relevant for the subject, as an alternative to the dominant “mainstream” without compromising on proffessionalism and the drive for perfection.
Because we are located in the periphery, in the dessert, a heterogenious population of students and teachers from varied cultural backgrounds, a lively dialogue between teachers and students is possible and creates the special atmosphere of the Film and Television Department that is expressed in the films screened at the festival.

Prof. Aner Preminger, Head of Film Track
The Department of Sound and Screen
Academic College, Sapir



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Land & Sea

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mono pic 1


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Ruti is a company clerk stationed in Hebron. She really likes the soldiers at the post and tries hard to raise their sagging moral. The soldiers ask Ruti to spend a week end with them and she agrees....


The Hill

Three friends meet in the cemetary of the Kibbutz they grew up in for the funeral of their good friend who committed suicide and left no letter. The three decide to stay on the Kibbutz for a few more...