The film, which Akbari co-directed and which can be categorized as being midway between documentary cinema and a television news report, is about A’isha, a 19-year-old Kurdish woman who suffers from a rare syndrome: Her body secretes spontaneously and with considerable pain clumps of crystal. Her husband has left her because of this illness and she is forced to live with her parents in their village. Akbari takes A’isha under her wing and accompanies her to a series of medical treatments in Tehran as the two women seek a cure for this disease.
This almost unbelievable tale exposes not only the status of women in the Islamic Republic of Iran but also the tension between tradition and progress. The journey made by Akbari and A’isha becomes a story of love and friendship between the director and the subject of her film. The delicate relationship that develops between them is the very heart of the film and is a vivid example of the human aspect that is so much a part of Akbari’s documentaries.


Producer: Dr.Bahar K | Cast: unknown