Iran annually executes more people than any other country, except for China. The executions are often carried out after a trial that was either illogical in its proceedings or was political in nature; in these trials, the defendants are not given adequate access to legal counsel. On October 12, 2009, the Iranian authorities executed Behnoud Shojaee after he was convicted of having stabbed another youth to death in a brawl in a Tehran park; Shojaee was 17 years old at the time of the stabbing. He was executed, despite the fact that the victim’s family had granted him an initial pardon.
Akbari bases her cinematic journey on this case, which received considerable international media coverage, and uses the film to explore the clash between two concepts: forgiveness and revenge. Like all journeys, this one is full of surprises and moving discoveries. One of her insights in this film is that, when we expect to see forgiveness, we see revenge instead, and vice versa. Akbari wonders how human beings deal with sorrow, anger and responsibility.


Producer: מניה אכברי | Cast: unknown | Camera: ביירם פזלי | Editing: חוסיין טבקולי, עשקם מחרי