1995, a week before the Peace Rally and Rabin’s assisination, against the background of the war between Right and Left, Yarden, a 17 year old meets two teenagers, “Moonlight” children, who stretch her limits and pull her into a world of youthful rebellion, filled with Leftist ideology. They encourage her to rebell against her father and do as she pleases. A coming of age story; freedom and rebellion in the shadow of life alterning events in Israel’s history.


Producer: David Mimony | Script: Neta Yaacov | Cast: Romi Hanoch, Adar Gold, Gali Reshef, Avi Mazliah | Camera: Adi Mozes | Editing: Roni Rainherts | Sound Design: Yfat Levin | Music: Tomer Cohen | Art: Em-Li Noy, Hagit Titaibski