“Buried Alive” was a collective of ex-soviet artists, performers, musicians and writers who immigrated to Tel Aviv. Buried Alive disavowed the local culture surrounding them, and insisted on total seclusion and secrecy. The Buried Alive Group was founded by the fictive poet and artist Maxim Komar-Myshkin, and it ceased its activities after his suicide, in 2011.
This compilation presents for the first time a selection of videos created by the group throughout the 2000s, along with paragraphs from their manifesto (2004), in which their ideological convictions and creative guidelines are set.


Producer: Roi Rozen, Sharon Benraf | Cast: Michail Grobman, Ira Vrobel-Golubkina, Scandar Copti, Yair Garbuz | Camera: Avner Shahaf | Editing: Maxim Lomberg, Gal Katzir | Sound Design: Danny Shitrit | Music: Igor Krutogolov