Akbari began shooting this film in 2011 and its original title was “Women Don’t Have Breasts.” The film is about a married couple, Ava and Ashkan, who live in a luxurious villa in one of Tehran’s suburbs. Another couple lives with them in this house: Maryam and Rahim, who are Ava’s and Ashkan’s servants. Ava is a poet and Ashkan is a businessman who belongs to the upper class in Iranian society. A series of events cause a crisis in the couple’s fragile relationship.
Once again Akbari works with her permanent ensemble of actors/actresses and inspires them to give a high-quality performance. The film’s autobiographical elements are very apparent and Akbari’s decision to cast herself as Ava’s sister, Roya (the name of Akbari’s sister in real life), only reinforces the feeling that the film is largely about Akbari’s real-life experiences. The film focuses on the institution of marriage and the artist’s place there. Is marriage an institution that castrates and oppresses creativity? In the course of the filming, the situation of film directors in Iran seriously worsened and some directors were even placed under arrest. Faced with this new situation, Akbari decided to leave Iran permanently together with the materials of her yet-unfinished film and to complete shooting it in London. She also changed the film’s title to “From Tehran to London.”


Cast: מאניה אכברי,Bijan Daneshmand, Neda Amiri, Elahe Hesari