An internet comedy about a failing soccer team. The central characters in the team and in the series are three men: Shlomi, Shimi and Navro. Shlomi Passat, the team’s depressed striker has not made a hit in a long time. Shlomi goes through a nervous breakdown and begins to speak with an imaginary friend, Diago Maradona. Shimi Hazan is the devoted team manager who struggles to get funding for the team in any way possible, really, any way. Navro is the goalkeeper who is always tactful.


Script: Gaston Druguer | Cast: Elad Atias, Marcus Leon, Shaul Azar, Yonatan Barak | Camera: Liran Aharoni | Editing: Aharon Yudelovich | Sound Design: andreas rapaport | Music: andreas rapaport | Tutors: Modi Bar-On