Rina (30) is a scuba diving instructer in Eilat. For the past two years she is in a relationship with Adam (34), a clinical psychologist who arrived from Jerusalem for an internship. He is a stranger to the city. Complications arise when Rina’s previous love, Ram (33) returns to town after years in Australia and a separation from his wife. Ram returns to the city with his son, Nati (8) is selctively dumb since the separation of his parents. Ram storms into Rina’s life when he appears at the diving club and seeks psychotherapy with her partner, Adam. Rina struggles between two worlds, between childhood and adulthood, between the strange and the familiar, between Ram and


Script: Racheli Sella | Cast: Tamar Elkan, Lior Alliance, Shai Egozi, Sharon Friedman, Albert Eluz, Orli Tuvli | Camera: David reineliv | Editing: Omer Naharu