Pre – Premiere screening in the presence of the director.

In 2006, Kmimish Ouzan decides to emigrate from Djerba (an island off the coast of Tunisia) to Israel with his wife and five children. The Ouzan family arrive at the most natural place for them, Moshav Beit HaGedi, populated primarily by immigrants from Djerba who arrived during the 50s. Except that then the reality of the new country hit them between the eyes, as the inhabitants of the moshav seek to drive them out of their home for being “primitive, and uncivilised”. The film recounts the story of Kmimish, who wishes to earn an honest living in Israel by building a sheep pen. Kmimish rallies the entire family around this mission, and through this act is revealed the tension between the children who seek to integrate into the new country and the father, who feels that he has lost his honour. The many obstacles facing them render the family with two solutions: remaining in Israel and fighting for their home, or returning to their homeland of Tunisia. Through an intimate, quiet and patient gaze, Robby Elmaliah unfolds a drama of immigrants that takes us back to the original sin of the early 50s and the waves of immigration from the North African countries.


Producer: Fig Films - Ruthie Shatz, Adi Barash | Cast: Robby Elmaliah | Camera: Robby Elmaliah | Editing: Aliza Askira | Sound Design: Aviv Aldema | Music: Avi Vaknin, Amit Cohen