Viviane wants a divorce, which her husband refuses to grant. She must demonstrate sufficient grounds for the Rabbinical Court to force him to comply with her wishes. In the absence of “good cause,” she must wait, for years. In these Kafkaesque, tragicomic deliberations the verdict is solely in the hands of the defendant.


Producer: Shlomy Elkabetz, Sandrine Brouwer, Marie Msmontei | Cast: Ronit Alkabetz,Simo Abkrein, Menashe Noy, Sasson Gabay, Eli Gorenstein, Rami Danon, Roberto Pollak, Gabi Amrani, Evelyn Hagoel, Ze'ev Revah, Dalia Beger | Camera: Jean Poiret | Editing: Joel Alexis | Sound Design: Itzik Cohen | Music: Dikla Dori and Shaul Besser