Screening in the presence of the director and cast.

Shlomi Ben Zaken (Eliraz Sade), a single parent, has been raising his only daughter, Ruchi, age 11, since she was born in his mother’s house in Ashkelon. The Ben Zaken family lives in a building on pillars in the southern part of the city, in an enclave populated for years by generations of immigrants in mute dependency ties of survival and identity. Like the pillars, the people in the enclave witness what is happening around them and are assimilated in the local scenery. But the conflict between dependency and autonomy, between being swallowed up in the enclave and identity, never ends. Shlomi struggles with himself and with his surroundings to retain custody of his daughter, but also recognizes his inability to function as a father and to provide his only daughter an opportunity and a better life like the one he would want for himself.
Will he succeed in setting his daughter free, and enabling her to be graced with what he never gained?


Producer: Itay Tamir - Layla Films | Script: Efrat Corem | Cast: Eliraz Sade, Rom Shoshan, Ronen Amar, Hani Elimelech, Bat-el Mashian | Camera: Shafir Sarusi | Editing: Nisim Massas, Lev Golzer | Sound Design: Michael Gurevich