This is a protest film in which Akbari sharply criticizes the present political situation: relations between Iran, the U.S. and Israel; the wars in the Middle East; and the corrupt atmosphere in Iran. She creates a metaphor for the memory of the Iranian-Iraqi war with the help of her own personal memory, when she lost her breasts to cancer. Akbari’s scarred body is exposed in order to create a poetics of ruin. The damage produced by war is like the damage produced by cancer: War is cancer. In the film’s soundtrack one can hear the voice of Hanegran, a famous Iranian singer one of whose songs penetrated the collective Iranian memory as a symbol of the cruel bloodshed that took place during the Iranian-Iraqi war.


Producer: מניה אכברי | Script: מניה אכברי | Cast: unknown | Camera: חטיף ג'מיל | Editing: סעד אחמד בריס