The film depicts the story of Amira, a woman who is coping with mental illness and suicidal tendencies. Amira is a religious woman who is married with four children and whose life is endangered by the restrictions of Jewish religious law (Halacha). She chooses to reveal her illness to the community in which she lives in order to lighten her burden of concealment and secrecy. As she deals with her plight, Amira sets out on an intellectual and emotional journey aimed at bringing about a change in thinking among rabbis to Jewish religious law’s attitude toward the mentally ill. With immense love and sensitivity, Mordechai Vardi succeeds in capturing the emotional pain of the mentally ill on film and creating a metaphor about life on the edge.


Producer: מרדכי ורדי | Cast: unknown | Camera: מרדכי ורדי ורן אביעד | Editing: עמי דרוזד | Music: יונתן בר גיורא