A mostly true story that takes place in Cassablanka, Morocco during the early 60s of the previous century. Atviel is an eleven year old Jewish girl from a poor family who lives in harmony with her Moslem nieghbors. Her best friend, Calba Rex is all that she has and needs. When Jewish girls are kidnapped in their neighborhood, Atviel’s family is overcome with fear and decides to immigrate to Israel.


Producer: Liat Raviv | Script: Liat Raviv | Cast: Liat Raviv, Nitzan Lahav | Camera: Li-ben Vise, Liat Raviv | Editing: Liat Raviv, Nitzan Lahav, Li-ben Vise | Sound Design: Tal Hefets | Music: Dudi dayag | Tutors: Eran Lazar