Akbari’s third full-length feature film describes the journey of a beautiful Iranian woman who is forced to reconstruct her life after her face was badly disfigured. The film is built as a series of episodes with impressive close-up shots. The woman’s journey toward recovery is depicted through a series of constantly-changing perspectives that expose the power of jealousy, love, honor and violence.

“One. Two. One” departs significantly from the semi-documentary style characterizing Akbari’s earlier film work: In this film, she employs a melodramatic style that draws its inspiration from soap operas. The film’s episodic style creates playful, grotesque and dramatic scenes in various locales: in a beauty salon, in a prison, in a cable car, etc. Once more Akbari explores the preconditions for love and forgiveness in modern-day Iran.


Producer: אבלוגושם אספרי אמירי | Script: מניה אכברי, מנג'יד מג'וני | Cast: נדה אמירי, פיאם דהקורדי, חסן מג'וני | Camera: שהיריר עסדי | Editing: מניה אכברי