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The Cinema of Ze’ev Revach

Ze’ev Revach’s films are generally known as “cult” films. Full dialogues and lines from his films can be recited by the audience during the screening or broadcast of his films on TV. Revach is deeply loved by his audience but received dreadful reviews by critics and was virtually overlooked by academic cinema researchers. This year, the Cinema South Festival has chosen to focus on Ze’ev Revach’s work as a director. The Festival will provide a renewed reading of his films and will present them as critical, subversive, Israeli and Mediterranean texts in form and content. The selection of Ze’ev Revach as director provides a wonderful opportunity to observe and examine his fascinating point of view of Israeli culture and society through the complex characters he reveals in his films.

Ze’ev Revach, director, producer, screenwriter and actor was born in Rabat, Morroco in 1940. He came to Israel, to the Musrara neighborhood in Jerusalem, when he was 8 years old. Revach studied acting at “Beit Tzvi” acting school. As a theater actor he played the lead in dozens of repertoire and commercial plays. In 1976 he turned to directing and directed his first film “Only Today” which he shot in Jerusalem. During the “Focus On” Ze’ev Revach at the Festival we will screen “Only Today” as well as “To Cheat a Cheat”, “Mr. Leon”, “Unemployed Batito” and “A Bit of Luck”.

“I go to the movie theater and see people holding their stomachs and laughing their heads off. I stand in the back and watch them, they don’t know I’m there, and that’s just fine with me. It’s all I need”.
From an interview with Ze’ev Revach in the book “Cinema South 2010”.

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