The Sapir College presents:
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Israeli Cinema

The word is out. Something good is happening to Israeli cinema in recent years. Israeli films are regularly starring in prestigious international film festivals and are reaping important awards. Israeli cinema is creating vast curiosity among a global audience who for many years turned a cold shoulder. Above all, it seems the Israeli audience is once again placing its trust in Israeli cinema. Israelis are returning to movie theaters to view local films that depict subject matters that are close to their hearts and that speak to them. This is indeed an impressive achievement, one that is setting a new standard for Israeli cinema. Some of the films included in the program are debut premieres while others are relevant films made in recent years. In addition, the festival will offer several panels and discussions with filmmakers and actors in view of creating an animated, genuine discourse on Israeli cinema. Two central programs about Israeli cinema will focus on the works of a significant Israeli filmmaker and films centering upon a specific theme.

As in every year, the opening film of the festival is a premiere screening of a renowned Israeli filmmaker dealing with a theme relevant to the reality and the region where the festival takes place.

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