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New currents from the South - Graduate Films

Since it was establish the Cinema South Festival has been screening the graduate films that were created in The Film and Television School at the Sapir College within its traditional competition. As always, this cinema, which is developed in the south on the new border between Gaza and Sderot, is intriguing and fascinating. The competition forms a springboard and a link for young filmmakers taking their first steps into the professional world.

The Film and Television School graduates at the Sapir College broke through the barriers of student films. The most prominent among them, such as Sisai, Saba, My Family's Pizza, White Walls, Your Younger Daughter Rachel, Summer Seeds, Fragments, Dor, Ride and Last Day won, and are still winning, local and global prestigious prizes and are broadcast on all major broadcasting networks in Israel and abroad. This is a unique southern voice that developed in a region whose voices had not been heard until the creation of The Film and Television School at the Sapir College
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