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Armenian Cinema

Armenian cinema was officially born on April 16th, 1923. On this day, the Armenian State Committee on Cinema (Goskino) was established under a Soviet government decree. Since then, whether as part of the Soviet Union or following Armenia’s declaration of independence in 1991, Armenian cinema produced many cinematic gems and granted Armenian cinema a seat of honor in the history of the Seventh Art. Armenian cinema has an important and time-honoured tradition and has generated some of the finest filmmakers in the world, the most famous of which are Artavazd Peleshian and Sergei Parajanov. Armenian film director Harutyun Khachatryan follows in the footsteps of these spiritual ancestors. The Festival’s Armenian film program will focus on Khachatryan’s films and will provide a journey across Armenia bordering on the surreal. His films will offer an introduction to the landscapes, inhabitants, traditions, folklore and music of  this mountainous and breathtaking country.

Harutyun Khachatryan

Born in 1955, Khachatryan is the foremost director in modern day Armenian cinema. He is an astute documentarian who was endowed with an outstanding sensitivity for soundtracks. Without embracing unnecessary nostalgia, his films share with us his great love for the beauty and mystique of his homeland.  Viewing his unique films today, it is evident they comprise a precise collective portrait. This portrait poetically depicts the nature and values of modern Armenian society and contains numerous harsh images from the life of this nation. Khachatryan is the founder and director of the Yerevan International Film Festival.

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