The Sapir College presents:
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Panel of Judges - Documentary – Experimental Debut Film Competition

Ran Tal - Chairman of the Panel of Judges

An independent filmmaker who lives in Tel Aviv, graduate of the Film Department at Tel Aviv University. Tal’s films focus on Israeli reality with a social and historical perspective. His films were awarded many prizes in Israel and around the world, the most prominent of which are “Red Queen of Hearts” (1996), “Ben Tzvi Road ‘67” (1998), “My Dream House” (2005). His most recent film, the documentary “Children of the Sun” (2007) won first prize at the Jerusalem Film Festival.

Javier Packer-Comyn

Born in 1969, Javier Packer-Comyn spent most of his life in Belgium. He headed the P’tit Ciné, a documentary film production and distribution company in Belgium. He taught at several prestigious universities in Belgium and France and published a number of interviews with leading film directors such as Claire Simon, Jean Louis Comolli and others. In 2008 he won the Prix Coq award for his contribution to distributing documentary films in his country. From 2009 Packer-Comyn has been  director of the notable Cinéma du Réel film festival in Paris.

Natalia Almada

Mexican film director who lives and works in Mexico and the USA. Almada earned a master’s degree in photography from the Rhode Island School of Design. Her first film “All Water has a Perfect Memory”, was a short experimental film which won global acclaim. Since then, Almada directed “Al Otro Lado” and “El General”, documentary films that won international prizes and positioned her as one of Latin America’s most promising directors. Winner of the Documentary Directing award at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.
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