The Sapir College presents:
Hebrew (Israel)English (United Kingdom)

Documentary – Experimental Debut Film Competition

This year, Cinema South Festival is proud to launch a new competition designed for debut documentary and documentary-experimental films. Of the dozens of films that were submitted to the Festival, five were selected for the official competition. Each film will be screen during the five nights of the Festival and will compete for a 50,000 shekel prize.

The five films that were selected to compete are very different from one another and portray an authentic image of Israeli society in 2010. The theme that unites these films is that they all observe the margins of Israeli society and provide a voice to those who remain unheard. Each film observes Israeli reality in a tolerant and precise manner, in an attempt to better understand the country we live in through the complex individuals that live in our midst. The social portrait in each of the films reflects the surprising and significant aesthetic choices that provide additional depth to the complex contents.

The award ceremony will take place on Thursday, 3.6, at 19:00, in Theater 1

Panel of Judges
Ran Tal – Chairman of the Panel of Judges
Javier Packer-Comyn (France)
Natalia Almada (Mexico)

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