The Sapir College presents:
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“Eretz Nehederet” (A wonderful country): Beyond imagination – or reality

David Lifschitz (“Mesudarim”), in his seventh season as head writer for “Eretz Nehederet” and creator of the critically acclaimed TV show, will discuss his creative process and his writing for “Eretz Nehederet”, the development of the show between the various seasons, the team work and the work with the actors, while screening samples and segments from the show’s highlights. The creators and actors are currently working on an adaptation of the show for a full-length film.

Hosted by David Lifschitz

The workshop is being held courtesy of Keshet

Monday / 31.5 / 10:00 / The Center for Stage Arts


“Promo” – The marketing engine and one of Keshet’s keys to success

Oded Tavor and Guy Liberman, senior creative directors at Keshet’s promo department will share their vast experience about the promo creating process, their importance and what makes a promo successful.

Hosted by Oded Tavor and Guy Liberman

The workshop is being held courtesy of Keshet

Monday / 31.5 / 11:30 / The Center for Stage Arts


How to Get In and Stay In: Selling and Working in Hollywood Television

Kristin Newman, executive producer in Hollywood’s television industry, will discuss the structure of the American TV industry based on her personal experience and from her unique and amusing point of view. Kristin will talk about the diverse roles of the screenwriter, the various phases in a writing career, development and sales to American networks and the writing process for the most famous and successful TV series’ in the world.

Hosted by Anat Sella Inbar

Monday / 31.5 / 15:00 / The Center for Stage Arts

Journalism, TV and Social Commitment

Social commitment is the cornerstone of the Journalism and Television Department at the School of Communication, Sapir College. Three year end projects that reflect this commitment will serve as basis for a discussion – Noa Hazan, Adi Tuval and Dani Mor’s report depicts their research on the complex relations between adolescent Bedouins and underage Jewish women. Irena Epshtein, Shira Moses and Maya Rudnitsky present an investigative story on the humiliation of the Ethiopian Falashas who are required to undergo a second circumcision. A personal documentary story prepared by Dana Mizrachi, Dafna Sibony and Chen Farchi tells of the attitude towards an immigrant family from Libya whose son was killed in the 1950s by an IDF soldier’s stray bullet.

With: Journalists and TV creators and the writers of the stories
Hosted by Yuval Gozinski.

Wednesday / 2.6 / 17:00 / The Center for Stage Arts

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