The Sapir College presents:
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Student films with Gil Alkabetz

A collection of short films that were made by second year students in the Sapir College Animation department, during a one week workshop with animator Gil Alkabetz.

Hosted by Yael Inbar and Gil Alkabetz

Sunday / 30.5 / 14:00 / The Center for Stage Arts

Documentary Animation – Student Films

A collaboration between the “Bustan” organization that strives for social and environmental justice in the Negev and students from the documentary animation course in the animation department of Sapir College gave rise to a short animated film that is based on stories told “in the dark” by Bedouins who live in unfamiliar villages. The sounds and the surroundings were recorded and serve as the film’s soundtrack, which is another small source of light in the darkness surrounding the Bedouins’ struggle for recognition and civil equality. Following the screening there will be a panel discussion with the individuals behind the voices and with the filmmakers.

Hosted by Uri Kranot

Sunday / 30.5 / 16:00 / The Center for Stage Arts

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