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Cinema from Latin America


New energies are flowing through the young Latin American cinema in recent years. New directors making their first or second film choose to portray a bold, challenging and unconventional cinema. These films reflect a fresh new mindset that craves to depart from standard cinematic cliches, mainly Western cliches, and offer instead cinematic experimentation in terms of narrative, cinematography and editing. These films wish to tell extraordinary stories like the fascinating film by Mariano Llinás from Argentina. The desire to experiment and the lack of fear of failure are in themselves a good enough reason to discuss this cinema, more so when the films are captivating and stirring. The Latin American program of the festival will host Mexican documentary director Natalia Almada. Almada belongs to a young generation of Mexican directors and she courageously and openly discusses the burning issues of her country in her films.

Natalia Almada

Mexican film director who lives and works in Mexico and the USA. Almada earned a master’s degree in photography from the Rhode Island School of Design. Her first film “All Water has a Perfect Memory”, was a short experimental film which won global acclaim. Since then, Almada directed “Al Otro Lado” and “El General”, documentary films that won international prizes and positioned her as one of Latin America’s most promising directors. Winner of the Documentary Directing award at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.

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