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Panel of Judges - Graduate Films competition

Ram Levi
Chairman of the Panel of Judges, Graduate Films

Born in 1940 in Tel Aviv. Director, teacher and esteemed television and filmmaker, 1993 Israel Prize laureate. Studied economics and political science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, followed by studies at the London Film School. Levi directed many feature and documentary films, some of which are an integral part of Israeli culture. Levi’s prominent films include “I Ahmad” (1966), “Hirbat Hiza” (1978), “Bread” (1986) and “The Movie that Never Was” (1994).

Gabriella Bandel

Born in Germany in 1958. Bandel studied at the Political Science Faculty of Berlin University. In 1992 she graduated with a degree in Art and Communications in the city of Saarbrücken. She worked for years for German TV and was associated with many projects. From 1999 she began working for the Max Ophüls Film Festival in Saarbrücken and in 2007 was appointed Festival director.

Jerome Baron

Born in 1970 in Nantes, France. Baron studied cinema at several universities in France, including Saint Denis and La Sorbonne. He taught the history of cinema and aesthetics at the Poitiers University and the University of Nantes. Baron is a founder of the “Cinematographe” project, a public movie theater in Nantes known for its original and exigent films. As of 2004, Baron has been responsible for the program and the official selection at the Three Continents Festival in Nantes
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