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International Cinema

Cinema South Film Festival maintains its annual tradition of presenting a wide range of international films that confront fascinating human and cultural issues. This festival is offering exceptional, far-reaching international films which portray the voices of cinema in the 3 continents (Africa, Latin America and Asia). Those films reflect the changes that cinema is undergoing in those countries and expose its richness and diversity. It is a cinema of meager means but rich in compassion, striving to develop a unique identity through filmmaking. This kind of cinema is gradually making a name for itself at the most prestigious film festivals around the world. Every year we will offer two significant programs from two major locations around the world. In addition, we will screen the finest, most radical global films in collaboration with the Nantes Festival des 3 Continents. These films attempt, each in its own way, to portray a unique point of view and to challenge the conventional cinematic language.

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