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The School of Film and Television at Sapir College is Israel's youngest and most innovative. In 2003, the Council for Higher Education in Israel granted it the right to award its graduates with academic degrees. At Sapir, we believe in committed, involved cinema that is daring in terms of its content and the expressive forms it adopts. The school considers itself a home for creators from all sectors, and encourages its students to create cinema that expresses their differences and reflects their worlds.
The school's success is attributable to its dedicated, top-quality teaching staff. Another contributory factor is the abundant professional equipment at the disposal of students in the four tracks - cinema, television, animation and soundtrack design. Its quality and quantity helps students gain intensive hands-on experience right from the start. And at the end of the process (theoretical & applied) students are awarded a degree and complete their final project that debuts in the graduates' contest at the 'South Film festival'.
Dr. Dafna Sering & Mr. Avner Faingulernt
Co-heads, Department of Film & television
The SOUTH FILM FESTIVAL was created as a joint initiative by the Film and TV Department at Sapir Academic College and the Sderot Cinematheque. In its third year, the festival also hosted the Mendel School for Educational Leadership and the annual seminar of the Forum of Documentary Creators. We joined forces on the basis of a shared interest in changing Israel's sociocultural agenda, and promoting the values of freedom and equality. The festival aspires to bring to the center of the stage cinema that is different from the accepted one. Our gaze turns towards countries and populations that - like ours - are battling with issues like poverty, emigration, ethnic and national conflicts. The search for an authentic cinema, with an autonomous identity, vitality, and the urge to connect to the world, led us to films created in Africa, Asia, Arab countries, the CIS, and Central and South America.
In those nations, an authentic, exciting and hungry cinema is flourishing, a cinema that develops a new language and brings to the screen characters and narratives that are distant (and sometimes distanced) from the mainstream. We aspire to bring that cinema closer, to learn about and become familiar with it.
In its first year, the festival dealt with the concept "south" and its power to define place and identity. The second festival looked at "emigration" as a source of pain and as a challenge for renewal and creativity.
This year, we decided to highlight the concept of "daring". We intend to define and challenge the borders of cinematic daring, distinguishable in form and content. We plan to do so by through screenings, workshops, discussions, special events and encounters with creators - among them people who are working outside the boundaries of recognition of cinema and
television in Israel. Engaging intensively with the meaning of "daring" also informs the graduates film contest, which is a feature of Cinema South. Some of our graduates are now involved working with "Keshet Children" and their work will be screened at the festival as part of an alliance formed this year by Keshet and Cinema South.
The festival is open to everyone and entrance to all the events is free. All the foreign films have been translated to Hebrew - that is, they are accessible to everyone who lives and breathes cinema. As an international, distinctive event, the festival underscores our affinity with the cinematheque, the School of Film at Sapir, and the community of creators and culture-seekers currently living and working in Southern Israel.
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Department of Film and TV
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